What's in it for me?

What's the benefit to you as an organisation, an employer, a busy centre? Maybe you've been to lots of 'career fairs' in the past and hardly spoken to anyone, maybe you've never been to any and have always found people have come to you, so why should you come along to this event?  What do we have to offer that's different?  

Plain and simple, over 150 of the newest, brightest, freshest talent entering into the industry!  And the opportunity to meet them face to face.

Each event is attended almost exclusively by students from local universities and colleges who are currently actively developing their careers by studying Outdoor Education or Outdoor Adventure based courses (we also invite students from schools who are exploring if this is the industry for them, hey who wishes they'd had that opportunity at school!).  The events are carefully timed to occur just when these students are starting to think about what they might do next, next summer, next season and into the future.  They are enthusiastic, energetic and keen to find out what opportunities exist for them.

Still not convinced?  See what other employers have to say

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