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So where did Beyond Horizons start? Where did it come from?  Who is behind it?  It's likely that you've come across Beyond Horizons by talking to a friend or colleague, maybe you've been to an event or maybe you have met someone involved in the event, or even me.  My name is Cathy Harshaw, a coach and professional working in the outdoor, I'm half of the people behind Beyond Horizons, the other half is my friend and colleague Ian Pitchford and it was Ian who came up with the idea.  Both working in and having a passion for the outdoors, it was during one of our many conversations on how to raise the professionalism of the industry that Beyond Horizons was born, Ian thought it was would be a good idea and I made a few phone calls, turns out quite a few people agreed with us, tutors and lecturers at our local colleges and universities were keen to bring their students along, a few were already running smaller 'employability days' in college, but they weren't really meeting the needs, others were encouraging their students to attend conferences however they were finding that apart from a few very motivated students few were doing so.  It also transpired that employers were very keen on the idea of employing students and graduates, and of sharing with them their own personal philosophies and stories of their own journeys.  So in November 2016 we ran the first Beyond Horizons event, and you know what?  It was as real success, attended by over 150 students, two amazing keynote speeches, 7 different workshops and nearly 20 employers...we couldn't not do it again, could we?

Since then we have continued to listen to the industry and react to what it needs.  We have run events in other parts of the country with different organisations, we have expanded who we invite to event to provide students with more choice and have introduced services to support both the organisations attending as well as the students and young people who are the future of the industry.

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